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I’m an Expert….…So are you!

Einstein (150 x 250)


From the moment we take our first breath, we are thrust into a world of learning. Our parents tell us what’s good to touch; watching our every move with love and care, so we don’t come to harm. They pass on their feelings, beliefs, rules, and behaviors, and we rely on them to provide the expertise to navigate through the strange place we have found ourselves. We believe what we are told… because we don’t have enough information to consider other answers. Continue Reading

Finding Your Higher Frequency

There are many kinds of water. The gentle flowing rivers that carve a path through the landscape—the soft rumblings of the lakes—the frozen formations sparkling in a winter chill. There is the water that refreshes on a scorching hot day and the gentle rain that feeds life. Water that cleans, purifies, and cleanses, washing away… Continue Reading

Uncommon Sense

We are a searching people. Attracted to the mystery of the rare, we dig ever deeper into the earth to bring forth treasures that sparkle and shine. We hold in high esteem inventors and thinkers who dazzle with their ingenuity and creative ideas. What we cannot have or cannot be, influences how we feel about… Continue Reading

Free Speech?—A Conversation about Rights

Recent events, along with the past years of conflict, emphasize again we are at a crossroads. Highlighting our inability to solve disagreements without killing, has reinforced words and phrases into our everyday language. ‘Freedom of expression,’ ‘innocent,’ and none more so, than ‘terrorism.’ From the French, terrorisme, by way of the Latin root word, terror,… Continue Reading

The 5 Lies of the Storyteller and How to Fix them

After an arduous adventure, the journey was finally over. With the ring destroyed in Mount Doom, we rejoiced that evil was banished to the depths. Along the way, we encountered a wise wizard, mystical elves, a dashing king; enough champions to cheer on, and they were just the supporting cast. For Tolkien gave us Frodo… Continue Reading

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Standing in a field of lavender, walking in lush woods, or resting by a brook as its waters gently meander by, there is something strangely familiar about this earth we call home. It’s there sheltering beneath the forest canopy of creation, that we find ourselves called to a journey. Surrounded by beauty, with nothing to… Continue Reading

Life…By the Numbers

  At one time or many throughout our lives we ask ourselves a question – why are we here? I wish I tracked and recorded my thoughts in all the times it has occurred for me. Perhaps like you, my answers have spanned a spectrum; from learning to love unconditionally, finding a purpose, and when… Continue Reading

Stories and the Placebo Effect

Since the earliest times we have been searchers. Beginning with the daily quest for food, clothing and shelter, our forbearers must have marveled at all they encountered. Perhaps it was in a cave long ago, flint or twigs created the first spark, and the new magic of fire kept them warm. I like to think… Continue Reading


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