...connecting the voice within to the heavens above


Francis was born and raised in London, England. Seeking his path, he moved to the United States in his late twenties. In his desire to be of service to others, he worked as a missionary living and working with the poor, homeless and gangs in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area in Minnesota and in various corporate positions. After twenty years, he returned to Europe, where he focuses full-time on writing, bringing together a unique blend of history and spiritual story-telling in the style of parables, which encourages readers to find their truths hidden in plain sight.

It is likely that from the moment language formed our ancestors sat around a campfire and told their first stories. They listened, they dreamed—long before writing, they remembered...for generations. Tales, yarns, legends and fables fill our human history, and the story is as powerful today as it has always been, but why? Francis believes that our longing for the answer to why we are here is at the heart of storytelling. He says, "Stories are our nourishment and preparation for the invitation we receive to actively engage in the most important journey of discovery and mystery we can undertake—into our own depths to our core. Stories summon us to pay attention to our lives without judgment and to encourage one another with acceptance."


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I am a monthly contributor to the New Age News Magazine, an Apple Newsstand publication, on empowering the spiritual journey, available for iPad and iPhone.