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Vital Signs

(Previously published in the July issue of New Age News Magazine) It’s winter, 1854, and as darkness fills the sky and the medical staff retire for the night, a tall, slender woman with brown hair covered by a white cap, makes her way around the wards for a last check. She believes in cleanliness, but… Continue Reading

The Magic beyond Beginnings and Endings

Watching the beautiful sunrise colors of autumn and witnessing the sun lose its glow as it sets on the long, warm days of summer; we stand in silent awe of the vision that graces the sky. Most say they prefer sunsets. Perhaps it’s because we see the colors as more dramatic. Sunrises come too early… Continue Reading

Soccer and the Right to Bear Arms

One hundred years ago, a ball is kicked into no mans land and men from both sides emerge from their trenches to exchange handshakes, gifts and souvenirs. They play an impromptu game, for soccer is a language they both understand. They sing carols, and for a short time unofficial peace silences the guns. It wasn’t… Continue Reading

The Iceberg Effect

In April, 1912 the largest vessel ever constructed at the time, Titanic, hit an iceberg and sank. Was the ship going too fast for the weather conditions? Were iceberg warnings not taken seriously enough? Did a steering error or the ship’s design contribute to the sinking and what would have happened if the Titanic hit… Continue Reading

Stepping Stones—Life, One Stone at a Time

In Southern France at a place called Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc, there is a cave that contains some of the earliest cave paintings from 30,000 years ago. Typical of the time the drawings were of animals, which our ancestors seemed to find infinitely more interesting than pictures of themselves. One can imagine their Facebook profile pictures, showing a… Continue Reading

What are Parables?

Variously described as concise comparisons, analogies, illustrations and even riddles, they have puzzled and baffled listeners since the beginning of time (think analogies with apples and snakes in the Garden of Eden!). The preferred instruction method of Jesus, using them in almost one third of all his teachings, they were also used by countless educators,… Continue Reading


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